Workers and Business Owners Struggle to Be Heard on $15 Now!

ATTN MEDIA/EDITORS: Have you even talked to a working stiff about $15 Now?
posted Apr 22, 2015
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I think Comrade Cissero said it best about THIS editorial at the Tacoma Weekly on $15 now.. he said something about being in a small town where the News Paper Editor is also the town Sheriff and town Preacher. Even so, it's nice to know the Tacoma Weekly stands firmly with tax-cheats and book-cookersHas anyone walked into a fast food chain and asked the workers how they'd feel about a higher minimum wage?  Matt Driscoll writes about the need for leadership.   Most city council persons are maintaining strict radio silence..YET One candidate running in District 3 who is happy to express an opinion has been found! And NO I am not sexist AND this is not a drawing of her... this is a drawing of Pat Nagle. Meanwhile Quick google news search found this and this.

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