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Corporate Personhood Must Die Part 2, Death to Clear Channel!
posted Aug 3, 2010
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Do you like junkmail?  Do you like annoying flash/video pop ups/under ads? Do you like telemarketers calling right when you sit down to eat? No. You hate spam; like all sane Americans hate ALL spam. You toss that shit in the recycle or use it to light your charcoal barbecue without even opening it.  If like me you find shrill, modern-day advertisement clutter revolting why would you in your right mind accept digital billboards into your precious urban human habitat?  Yet, the american hatred of spam is perhaps the single greatest unifying and under utilized tools of all time. So let's tap into that rage, together!   Tell your city council representative that you will accept no Clear Channel compromise. Tell them that constitutions matter in respect to WE THE PEOPLE, not WE THE CORPORATION.

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Tacoma Urbanist ponders Clear Channel Compromise

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