WA State Rep Matt Shea KING OF ALL INCELS!

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posted Apr 23, 2019
tacoma, tacomic, spokane, washington, Matt Shea, republican party, JT wilcox, holy war, militia watch, hate groups, christian nightmare, incel, liberty
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Hello again for another thrilling installment of BELIEVE IT OR NOT SPOKANE REP MATT SHEA who in this latest news revelation is caught sexting with  christian white identity hate group LARPers in those long western Washington dry heat nights.  LATER you get this nice New York Magazine write up of all the moon-bat cocoa puff psycho things our boy MATT SHEA has done with his colorful career in bonkersville, population HIM!  Some are calling for Rep MATT SHEA (Republican) to step down which will never happen. citation: Seattle Times. Democracy Now.  MEANWHILE, minority leader J.T. Wilcox are talking about what a great job they're (republicans) doing.. you go gurl!    BUT WAIT, THAT'S NOT ALL!  Matt Shea responds in crazy militia speak on facebook!

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