Digital Letterpress Desktop Wallpaper
posted Jul 13, 2016
tacoma, tacomic, sonics guy, beautiful angle, poster, letter press artists, community organizer, arts activists
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TACOMIC CARTOONIST RR ANDERSON SEZ: "Big thanks to underground letter press poster project Beautiful Angle and regional celebrity Sonics Guy for inviting me to participate in this literally buried underground letter press poster campaign. It took a very long time pestering Lance Kagey and Tom Llewellyn to get my foot in the door. They only collaborate with an artist once, and print around 200 posters before you are expelled from paradise and the plates are removed and destroyed, but it's totally worth it. IF YOU DID NOT get the chance to find the mystery bar in which we were distributing these posters for a small $5 donation to Jason Lee Middle School program, I have provided (above) a virtual Sonics Guy Beautiful Angle Poster download for you to enjoy on your desktop PC or to print in your home office. Excelsior!"

"Thanks to everyone who came out last night and donated to the Trinity after school program that supports students at Jason Lee Middle School. We raised $871 for the program. All prints are sold out! I hope you got one as the folks at Beautiful Angle don't do second printings. A special thanks to RR Anderson for the carving and print design, Tom Llewellyn & Lance Kagey the amazing guys behind Beautiful Angle, and Deb Llewellyn and Dana Kagey for their support. Once again thanks to everyone who came out last night."

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