2008 City Council on ICE Digitally Remastered Special Edition
posted Mar 13, 2017
tacoma, tacomic, nwdc, ICE, northwest detention center, Immigration Control Enforcement, Lewis Kamb, Bill Baarsma, Mayor Strickland, Jake Fey, Rick Talbert, Connie Ladenburg, Julie Anderson, Mike Lonergan, Spiro Manthou, lauren Walker
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The largest single node of human suffering in the saga of climate change refugee forced labor camps has been dealt a temporary blow by the invisible hand of The Tacoma City Council of 2017 A.D.  **ALL EXPANSIONS ARE ON HOLD**   In yo face 2008 Tacoma City Council!  Special Thanks to long-game chess-master Council Member Marty Campbell for your KNKX leadership in this struggle.  

I thought The Tacomic readers would like to see the timeline of all past expansions and I asked my good friend Seattle Times Newspaper Reporter Lewis Kamb for the data...

Lewis Kamb SEZ:
  • block E (2004 -- 500 beds)
  • block V (2005 -- 800 beds)
  • block I (2008 -- 1,030 beds)
  • block L (2009 -- 1,575 beds)

There you have it folks!  Each one of these expansions could have been pushed back on, no?  And with the giant LNG bomb going in next door how will you evacuate all these forced laborers in the event of an instantaneous fireball explosion? Sad!

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