UPDATE: SAVE the [Tacoma] News Tribune (T.N.T.) !

PART 2 - Digitally Remastered Special Edition
posted May 4, 2017
tacoma, tacomic, news tribune, layoffs, newspaper industry, fake news, journalisim 2.0
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GOOD MORNING to all our failing feed>>Tacoma tacomic readers!  We're back again with another edition of "SAVE THE TNT!" [ed note: see part 1] as the grim reality of layoffs claims more facebook friends. SAD! You know one of the first things I did with all my piles of tinker money was subscribe to print edition of The News Tribune... and this is even after all my other facebook friends unsubscribed after the TNT's pink bag of death spam attacks!

News Tribune Pink Bags of Death previously on the Tacomic...
The paper seems to be getting lighter and lighter in the sack so to speak, meanwhile the sex pill fake news editorials are growing bigger than any of the new pot store ads. Time to get creative you guys! The Tacomic is here to help (local oped cartoon maybe? just sayin')

NEWS TRIBUNE packed with QUACK sex pill fake advertorials. Newspapers hanging by a thread. SUBSCRIBE!

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