UPDATE: Peoples Prosecutor Mark Lindquist keeps dead campaign afloat

in extraordinary ritual of grief for the next few months?
posted Aug 23, 2018
tacoma, tacomic, Mark Lindquist, pierce county election, peoples prosecutor, Mary Robnett
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Ahoy thar matey!  WHO LIVES IN A PINEAPPLE UNDER THE SEA?  no no no.  Start over..

GREETINGS TRUE BELIEVERS!  THE TACOMICâ„¢ is NOT DEAD!  We are risen with an all new priceless work of art, why another Pierce County Peoples' Prosecutor Mark Lindquist cartoon by the looks of it.  Oh boy is he in a pickle this time!  He did not do very nice in the august primary vote at all. Not very nice at all. Perhaps dogged by mounting expenses, legal fees, weird news about good looks and lots of superior court mistrials and over rulings and stuff... Every other week a new story in the The [Tacoma] News Tribune (TNT) by Sean Robinson..  free publicity right?  Hey! Here is something NOT by the TNT, but our comrades at the Tacoma Weekly it takes something special to get those guys mad at you!   EVEN SO, we have been saving this Orca J-35 Tahlequah ,  metaphor and this topic seems about right.  Hope you enjoy!  MEANWHILE:

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UP NEXT: Alaska Air Skyjacker! Dean Curry Scarlet Letter! It's all burning down, and many more exciting adventures!

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