Unbreakable Anders Ibsen

Blue-Dog, Establishment Limosine Liberals Take Aim
posted May 20, 2015
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LO, Unchallengeable Anders Ibsen hath met his challenger! And it was good, because now we see who his true friends on the Tacoma City Council are... and who they are not--a sense of clarity.  WHY HATH the City Council incumbents forsaken poor Anders Ibsen like some Seattle City Council Socialist Alternative Candidate?  Because Anders takes on RADICAL issues and proposes RADICAL solutions forcing the others to do things outside their comfort zones! Paid Sick Leave? $15 Now Activists inserted into the ALT. Min Wage Task Force? BLASPHEMY.  YOU should see his Tacoma Pierce County Chamber of Commerce annual score cards WHICH IF ISN'T THE BEST REASON TO VOTE FOR ANDERS IBSEN, I DON'T KNOW WHAT IS! 

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