UGAS Christmas Story

50,000 Reasons to Cooperate with Mark Lindquist
posted Dec 28, 2010
Tacoma, Tacomic, Dale Washam, Albert Ugas, Mark Lindquist
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I imagine the film version of this Tacomic to be like the end of Fargo... The Cohen Brothers remake of the classic A Christmas Story where our favorite Richard Dale Washam tool (aka Alberto Ugas) is forsaken to wonder arctic oblivion... Can't you almost here is voice?  A faint whisper on the wind: "Dale?  Dale? What do I do now?  Dale? Dale? Where did you go? Dale?" 

My favorite comment comes from one TNT reader self identified as "lefty_coast"  I admire the stark brutality: 
Mr. Ugas. You are going to get some more legal advice from the stellar legal mind who, for at least the time being, heads the Pierce County Assessor/Treasurer's Office. You would do well to not take that advice.

Dale Washam has played you like a violin. He will tell you that you will win on appeal. The question you need to ask yourself now is, 'How often has Dale Washam been right on legal matters?'.

Of course Dale is going to tell you to appeal. He has nothing to lose; you have much to lose.

Your biggest problem now is you are dealing with Real litigators, not some guy who believes his own hysteria.

After reading your rambling, nonsensical, responses, I am more convinced than ever you filed the petition at the behest of Dale Washam. The question is, will Dale help you pay your legal bills?

I would suggest resigning, as of NOW, then calling Mr. Lindquist, apologizing, and beg him not to financially ruin you.

After reading this story, I am actually feeling sorry for you (just a little). So I will worn you for the third time: Dale Washam, once the wheels come off his wagon, will throw you under that wagon. He will not take your calls, he will not help you pay legal bills which you have incurred through his encouragement, and he will forget your name.

Dale Washam will become more and more desperate. And desperate men, like Dale Washam, will do anything, and everything, to save themselves.

Maybe you don't realize it, but it is time to go. Cut your losses, because Dale Washam, as sure as the sun comes up, will cut you loose.



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