The Truth about Just Want Privacy: Initiative 1515

Angela and Jack Connelly are Back in 2016
posted May 2, 2016
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Hand picked by God to protect Washington water closets, Angela and Jack Connelly slide from the cheeks of destiny into the sculpted bowl of today. HARK! The guardian angels of restroom genital/sexual identity alignment! Now I know what you're saying as an enlightened reader of The Tacomic (Tacoma's Most Underground Political Cartoon), "IMPOSSIBLE" you say, "I NEVER EXPECTED THE BIGOTS OF NORTH CAROLINA TO SOIL THE REPUTATIONS OF OUR PROGRESSIVE WASHINGTON REST STOPS..." Well nobody expects the rest room inquisition!  From the demented bungholes that brought us the failed 'protect Washington marriages' referendum nonsense... comes 'Just Want Privacy' initiative that will attempt to rewrite our bathroom laws into the North Carolina garbage that kicks out transgender women from the ladies room and forces them to use the men's room.  Never going to happen.  Washington Won't Discriminate

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