#TIMESUP for Life Christian's Dean Curry

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posted Sep 27, 2018
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Greetings True Believers! We here at The Tacomicâ„¢ have been tacking this perv-storm on the creep-dar for some time now. And the city is in total surprise/not-surprise that everyone's Favorite Mega Church Life Christian Ministries has fired "Shoot the Rabbit" Dean Curry for a series of #metoo and #timesup sexual preversion complaints (scoop Sean Robinson, TNT)! It's not clear if Dean Curry is the Brett Kavanaugh of Tacoma mega church culture or if Brett Kavanaugh is the Dean Curry of supreme court nominees put fourth by President Donald J Rapist Pussygrab... time will tell.

God bless America, this is The Tacomic, signing off.

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