TIME IS UP for Bates College President Ron Langrell and WA State Rep David Sawyer (D-Tacoma)

with special guest star Sherman Alexie
posted Mar 6, 2018
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#METOO movement has revealed TWO WILD AND CRAZY GUYS who in this case are creepy dudes in positions of power getting away with pervy, unprofessional behavior for too long. HARK!  BATES Technical College president Ron Langrell, on candid camera!  Also, majority derp whip WA State Representative David Sawyer, (D-Tacoma) this is your life now!  So Gross!   Hey, Talk about GROSS, did you hear the latest on KUOW about local Seattle author/poet Sherman Alexie? Sex predator! Sexual harassment!  It's really important to listen to this hot take from Seattle author Ijeoma Oluo... "Far too many men are motivated to success by the promise that they will then have their choice of women. Women are not prizes that you get when you reach a certain level of prominence. You are not handed the key to our bodies like it's a key to the city."

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