That One Time WA State Democrats and Republicans Tried to Exempt Themselves from Open Records Laws

And Then Governor Jay Inslee Vetoed That Poop
posted Mar 2, 2018
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Hello, This is the brief history of Senate Bill 6617 that was pushed through or fast tracked through Washington State legislature without a hearing in a very rare bipartisan effort between state democrats and republicans to shield themselves from state open records laws in the same way that the judicial branch is shielded from open records for the most part.  This effort was viewed mostly as a way to stop the steady flow of #METOO payouts and disgusting bullshit the elected leaders were losing their jobs over once things came to light. The press was pretty flipping jazzed off about this whole affair and really put the pressure on WA state governor Jay Inslee to veto the crappy bill everyone just voted for. Seriously EVERYONE voted for this thing! Shocking and hella dumb.  This is another victory for Jay Inslee because he just got done calling President Trump a worthless skin sack of dog shit covered in rat jizz on national television during Trump's stupid bullshit listening tour. Nice work Governor Jay Inslee!

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