Thanks Giving Conspiracy Roundup 2015

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posted Nov 25, 2015
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GREETINGS TRUE BELIEVERS!  Say! Remember how the min wage task force recommendation was overridden for a more business-agreeable plan? Well the same thing is pretty much happening with the Clear Channel Billboards... a sneaky bypass of the planning commission happening RIGHT NOW!  Also, happening RIGHT NOW is a plan to build the worlds largest natural gas to methanol conversion plant right here in Tacoma, which means JOBS! JOBS! JOBS! to local politician types... however there is a catch, the plant will suck dry more drinking water than all the resident humans in the area combined! Pretty awesome as we can expect more droughts thanks to human caused climate change.  Speaking of climate change you should keep an eye on CLICK! one of the few city owned fiber optic cable networks in the world.  NOT PICTURED: untouchable #zeeckbags and further adventures of Mark Lindquist on front page of the TNT.

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