"Tacomic Nights" by guest artist Ms. Darcy

Portrait of Tacomic Cartoonist RR Anderson
posted Mar 27, 2012
tacoma, tacomic, guest art, wife, Ms. Darcy
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Up all night, in the dark place where Tacomic cartoons are spawned. Drawn by my beautiful bride with a "H" pencil in about 20 minutes while I brainstormed my next cartoon on the power couch under the thinking quilt.

  Ms. Darcy: Picnic Artist

by NineInchNachos on 3/27/2012 @ 8:38pm
ultra rare!!!

by L.S.Erhardt on 3/27/2012 @ 8:38pm
Most impressive.

by CaptainBritton on 3/27/2012 @ 8:38pm
that font is called "boobs".

by NineInchNachos on 3/27/2012 @ 8:45pm
her homage to this old photoshop doodle 

what do babies dream?

by CaptainBritton on 3/27/2012 @ 8:59pm
That's very good...It's got a lot of levels. It's very good.

( I mean the Tacomic...and also the other one...Very funny.)

by Erik on 3/27/2012 @ 9:06pm
Wow! What a debut!  Now you have competition RR!

by CaptainBritton on 3/27/2012 @ 9:56pm
I have a picture of me sleeping in that tub! Ha!

by Mofo from the Hood on 3/27/2012 @ 10:41pm

I like the position and scale of the signature, and the flow from D to a in Darcy. Also, the shading of the blanket is very interesting. Maybe Mr. Anderson could hire Mrs. Anderson to produce the Tacomics so that he could pursue other ambitions.

by NineInchNachos on 3/28/2012 @ 10:17am
signature was added in post-production via wacom tablet (first time darcy has used one I believe)    the Tacomic GREY DRAB + blanket shading  was added in photoshop by yours truly. Thanks MOFO!