A Tacomic Look at #StopErasingBlackPeople #dieinatTAM

Tacoma Art Museum's Rock of Change
posted Jan 5, 2016
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Tacoma Art Museum wants to tell the story of Aids in America.. and lately the story of Aids in America = Black Americans suffering this heinous disease. So where are all the black American artists? They are all mostly white gay artists. SURELY you could even find some gay black artists in the art world?  FULL DISCLOSURE, most of what I know about aids I learned by watching parts of HBO true story movies in the 90's... something about French Canadian flight attendants visiting bath houses? And then Aids hits artists in San Francisco?  Any way I just learned a whole bunch from this article here.  Turns out that French Canadian stuff was mostly bullshit!   We all learn new things and ain't bad. Excelsior!

Special thanks to Fab-5's C.P.J. & Tacoma Action Collective !

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