A Tacomic Look at Famous Roseanne Moments in Tacoma

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posted Jun 11, 2018
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The TACOMICâ„¢ is back on the air! Thank you Kevin for renewing this domain for another year!

ROSEANNE may have gotten her show pulled off the airwaves for getting caught spewing racist hate, but this happens right here in our backyard too!   We all remember EVERY Starbucks in America shutting down for racial bias training so lets start there and work back. 

Remember when DYSTOPIAN BREWING in Tacoma got spanked for some weird homophobic comments after a customer left a bad review? 

Who can forget the brief outrage over the super gross SEAHAWKS confederate flag mod spotted in Tacoma's West End Pub?

Honorable Mention racist comments by the owner of Tacoma Cabana who singled out neighboring black business owner anytime anything happens... the largest flare up so far after a shooting somewhere nearby?  Kinda weeeeird  ya know!

But, BUT! The most infamous racist moment in recent memory has to be DORKYS BARCADE PINBALL in Tacoma when during a peaceful protest by a local chapter of Black Lives Matter the owner of the arcade began harassing protesters with a blow-horn siren... getting up all in their faces and probably using the N-word at some point?  The whole thing is on YOUTUBE and you can be the judge! 

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