TACOMA WALK REPORT: Gordon Sondland's Hotel Murano

Looking for Quid Pro Quo Dirt on Hunter Biden
posted Oct 29, 2019
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MEET Gordon Sondland, Soon to be going to jail and current/former ambassador to the European Union.. billionaire hotel tycoon and  owner/operator of the iconic 1980's nightmare HOTEL MURANO in tropical Tacoma Washington!  Yes, according to whistle-blowers and medal winning Iraq war heroes, our own Gordon Sondland donated one million dollars to essentially buy an important ambassadorship where he went to work trying to dig up dirt and urge foreign governments specifically Ukraine to start investigations into conspiracy theories about Joe Biden, President Trump's front runner political rival in the 2020 presidential election. Yes, Gordon Sondland could be the incompetent criminal traitor that brings down the disastrous Trump presidency in a flaming ruin of impeachment. Yes, Hotel Murano owner Gordon Sondland's texts are the smoking gun that bagged 45.  BOOOOOO-YAHHH 

(Special Thanks to SEATTLE WALK REPORT for the spoof idea)

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