Tacoma Police Militarized Phone Hacking Alert

If you appear to have nothing to hide, you are probably an enemy agent
posted Aug 27, 2014
Tacoma, Tacomic, Police Department, Phone Hacking, Militarized, Police State
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BIG SCOOP by Kate Martin of the Zeekbaggin' [Tacoma] News TribuneTacoma Police Department admits to phone hackin' all y'alls cells with surplus IED bomb hacker device. And how can they not!? Homeland Security is practically giving 'em away... that and Armored Urban Submarines.  Every police department should have one, because why not?  SUPPORT THE TROOPS!  OH, the Tacoma Police say they're not looking at your DickPixâ„¢ but how do you know they're not lying again? Faith my friend... nobody wants to see that sh!t.  EVEN SO, the online chatter has been of a sufficient volume that Exit133 and Tacoma Weekly would like a piece of the action.  HEY! Remember how the Tacoma Police installed video cameras all over The Hilltop?  Why is there still "SHUCKFACE" all over the place?  Perhaps they need a surplus Iraq drone too.  I know I won't feel safe till suspected shuckfaces can be exploded via sky robot.  Bring the war back home!

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