Tacoma-Pierce County Chamber of Commerce in Solidarity with #BlackLivesMatter #BoycottDorkys

Or "Just Say KNOW! To Anders Ibsen"
posted Aug 26, 2015
tacoma, tacomic, boycott dorkys, blacklivesmatter, tacoma stands up, tacoma action collective, Les Voros-Bond
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GREETINGS TRUE BELIEVER! For those of you just tuning in, as of this writing Tacoma Stands Up, the local main reps of #blacklivesmatter have officially broken with the boycott and are working towards reconciliation with Dorkys Owner <-- link to original incident video Les Voros-Bond after receiving this official press-release apology (Seattle PR firm quality! Very Articulate for a Ms. Pac-man Mechanic!) Even so, Quite different from this conservative radio hot mess  which left much to be desired apology/explanation wise. During this episode of Tacoma cultural exchange, I called on the Tacoma-Pierce County Chamber of Commerce to issue a memo to other chamber members who might be suffering from the same case of jaw-dropping ignorance, you know, advice not to interfere with the work of #BLACKLIVESMATTER peaceful demonstrators. Soon after that I was shocked to learn that the chamber DID take action, spending money on completely unhelpful and worthless "JUST SAY NO TO ANDERS IBSEN" mailers.  Way to stand up Chamber! 

MEANWHILE: Dorkys and Tacoma Action-Collective (separate #blacklivesmatter group not harassed by Les) are Talking and that ain't bad. Excelsior !

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