The [Tacoma] News Tribune #Zeeckbag Spam Campaign Ending in July

Everyone is Opting Out, Even the Spammers!
posted Jul 22, 2015
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BREAKING: a hot tip from Steve Dunkelberger reporter for Tacoma Weekly reporting Mayor Strickland is saying something about The [Tacoma] News Tribune phasing out it's spam carpet-bombing plastic bag campaign because everyone hates them and the advertisers have figured out that taking dump on people is a bad way of finding new customers or something? 

MEANWHILE: ex-zeeckbag-tosser {CORRECTION: I worked internally for the company as an assistant distribution manager, handling dispatch, field audits, administrative duties, complaint emails, etc. Not much more glorious than tossing the things, but my inside view of operations in this company come from working on the inside } *NAME REDACTED* has written a long tell-all internet confession about his time behind the scenes of the #zeeckbag tossing industry which is as follows...

* * *
I'd like to start this off with some good news for all of you. The News Tribune Extra advertisement in Tacoma is being phased out by the end of July. Now I will tell you what I know.

My last day as an employee with *NAME REDACTED* was yesterday. The timing couldn't be more perfect.

You may have noticed the content of the Extra thinning out recently. The advertisers are pulling out one by one, and it is a direct result of the noise being made by groups like this, and I've heard this exact Facebook group's name quoted by "higher-ups" within the The News Tribune and *NAME REDACTED* as a "panic point" for them. This is also why the Red Plum inserts went back to USPS. You have been heard, and it has worked, so I would like to offer my congratulations.

*NAME REDACTED* is the company contracted by The News Tribune to distribute the TNT Extra (Monday-Wednesday), the Puyallup Herald (Wednesday-Thursday), and the YES "subscription" advertisements (Saturday-Sunday).

The Extra and the Herald are "TMC" products, TMC standing for Total Market Coverage, which is exactly how it sounds. Their aim is to blanket your neighborhoods with this product in hopes of earning new subscribers. There is an option to "opt out" of TMC products, which no doubt many of you have tried several times, as I was privy to internal complaint emails from customers. It takes weeks, if not months, for your address to make it on a list of residents not to deliver to, and even then, it is left in the hands of the independent contractor assigned to that route to pay enough attention, or care enough, to not deliver to your address. Most DND (do not deliver) hits merit a fine of $25 to $50 to the independent contractor that delivers to these "DNDs". However, the most noticeable issue with the delivery of these products is what they call "placement", or basically where the product ends up. Many people in the Tacoma area have complained endlessly about product ending up in yards, sidewalks, roads, creating an eyesore distributed weekly to their neighborhoods. There is no consequences set in place to prevent ICs from lazily delivering this way, short of a slap on the wrist. The Tacoma market in particular has been so desperate for personnel due to turn-over that they retain the sloppiest delivery drivers simply because they cannot be replaced, and they would rather satisfy the client than to be concerned with their own community.

Many of these ICs actually don't deliver the bulk of product they pick up, and would rather earn some extra cash by taking their bundles of paper straight to recycling centers that pay for paper material.

Ever wonder why your Extra, Herald, or YES smells like spray paint? Before dispatching product, we were ordered to color code each route of papers with spray paint. This is to identify the IC when they decide to take their bundles straight to dumpsters and bins in alley ways throughout town. Some of you may have even been so lucky to receive some pigeon feces on your ads as well, since dispatch takes place in a pigeon infested warehouse on TNT premises, where pigeons regularly get trapped behind rolls of paper, die, and decompose, but not before crapping all over the product that the News Tribune wants you to unwrap on your kitchen table with your morning coffee or evening dinner.

*NAME REDACTED* obtains key codes to gated communities throughout western Washington, likely through the USPS. I always felt this was invasive and unethical. You can make your own decision on that. ICs are encouraged to sit at the gate, and wait for someone to enter and follow behind them if the code does not work. ICs are encouraged to ignore 'No Soliciting' signs posted at the entrance of these communities, as *NAME REDACTED* uses the excuse of "we are not soliciting, we are offering a free product". Sheets full of gated community codes are freely distributed to ICs assigned to those areas. Many ICs are ex-cons, recovering drug addicts, registered sex offenders, etc. Very comforting.

I could go on and on, but I feel like I've given the most pertinent information at this time. You can find contact information for *NAME REDACTED* at *NAME REDACTED*

Most importantly, I am here to confirm that your fight is most definitely worthwhile and is certainly working. A small victory in a large war. The Herald is set to continue in all of Puyallup and surrounding areas (Graham, Spanaway, Frederickson, etc), the YES is set to continue in all of Tacoma, Puyallup, and surrounding areas, and the Extra is set to continue in Olympia and surrounding areas. Don't give in to the small victory, as it is time for the citizens of Puyallup and Olympia to also make noise, and put an end to the distribution of this product that I can finally openly call an unsightly, unwanted, and useless piece of trash.

::drops mic::

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