Tacoma Considers Plastic Bag Ban

Meanwhile World's Largest Methanol Factory Coming to Port of Tacoma
posted Dec 30, 2015
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Peoples Republic of China has fucked up its air SO BAD burning coal to make the plastic shit for everyone in the world to buy and sell, that for human/climate survival reasons, a big change is needed... namely, China needs to switch to a less fucked up fossil fuel, say liquid natural gas. Who has a zillion tons of natural gas laying around to sell to China?  We do! And only Tacoma has enough dead industrial zone around the port to build this marvel mass extinction prevention innovation while keeping production of cheap plastic shit white hot hot hot!  If this plant were to blow, they say it would be like a 9 megaton nuke going off. Even so, not a big deal.  The Tacoma City Council is currently gathering information to consider banning plastic bags.  SO THEN How will Tacomanians carry around their plastic objects?  TAKE ACTION:  Water for Methanol | MethaNO

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