TACOMA AROMA Air STANK Advisory Alert!

Civil Defense PRINT and CUT Smell Reporter Selfie Chart
posted Apr 16, 2019
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GREETINGS, TRUE BELIEVERS! Is this the most PRACTICAL "The Tacomic" editorial political cartoon funnie in our 12 year history? YOU be the judge! Personally, I can't believe it took me this long to draw this god damn thing. Perhaps the rendering plant pet food pit of dead animals in the backyard BBQ smell was one waft that broke the camels back.. LOCAL NEWS TRIBUNE, KIRO, SEATTLE PI rendering plant news!  I'm old enough to remember other such Port of Tacoma olfactory events viz "PILES OF CAR BATTERIES ON FIRE" or who could forget "OLD REFINERY INDUSTRIAL ACCIDENT STACK FIRE" or a good old fashioned "TAGRO PLANT SLUDGE FLOOD" ?   It sure takes something special to punch through the ambient low tide smell... and the now omnipresent driver-smoking-weed smell.  Excelsior Tacoma!

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