Tacoma Action Figure: Tacoma Diaries Action Playset

Including Spud Goodman, Accordion Joe, Steve, Lisa (season 1 and 6) and Mike
posted Dec 14, 2010
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Before YouTube there was public access television. And LONG AFTER the heyday of Spud Goodman's Pubic Access Television show came THE TACOMA DIARIES withnew episode which can be seen ever so often on the YouTube. I recommend watching them all from the beginning.  It's like Tacoma's version of the Red Green show.  My favorite TACOMA DIARY character is probably DWAYNE who appeared once way back in the 'save our sonics' era of Washington State history. He wore a stuffed bass-fish baseball cap and wrap-around sunglasses.

EVEN SO, while the creative tide-pool of public access television has long since evaporated THE SPIRIT LIVES ON in youtube users like CISSEROSMILEY  or ADAM THE ALIEN   learn how you can help bring back Tacoma  Public Access here!

An old Spud Goodman Show flyer

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