Tacoma Action Figure: Dan Rahe

PDEF Editor, Trickster, and Last Cowboy Warrior Poet
posted Sep 17, 2014
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Will the last humor Columnist leaving Tacoma please turn out the lights? BEHOLD, Our latest TACOMA ACTION FIGUREā„¢ DAN RAHEĀ®!  You probably have read the first two paragraphs of his many Post Defiance articles... but you may not know of the many TRICKSTER STUNTS this fellow is responsible for; lets review some of my personal favorites: 

But DAN RAHE aka "Captive Yak" also wrote serious things. Take this review of the charter review for instance. If you make it through the first two paragraphs lots of interesting political stuff. Now combined with Peter Callaghan's disappearance that leaves only one funny writer in the whole city (if you don't count camp666).  Good luck in California Dan Rahe, may you find the answers you're looking for. Peace Out.

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