State Auditor Troy Kelley's BELIEVE IT OR NOT!

Case of the Missing Time Explained...
posted Apr 8, 2015
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Accusations about fishy business were detected on the radar during election season, but I voted for Troy Kelley because I swore a blood oath that I would never vote for a Republican ever again as long as this cartoonist shall live, and I stuck with that pledge... as most sane, rational Washingtonians have sworn similar blood oaths.. .thus and so Troy Kelley, Democrat WINS the post of state auditor!  THEN AND NOW the fishy business comes to a festering puss-filled head. My favorite photo is this empty desk and chair which is a good representation of perfect-hair elected officials.  Why do we even need a state auditor? Can't that job be better filled by a computer?  This cartoon builds on the speculation begun by THE NOSE

The end.


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