On Selling Tacoma's CLICK! Fiber Optic Network for 40 Damn Years...

A) Strongly Agree. B) More or Less Agree. C) Really Agree D) Enough Already!
posted Apr 14, 2015
CLICK!, Tacoma, Tacomic, Fiber Optic Network, WAVE, isp, city owned network
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Crybaby Tacoma Public Utilities (TPU) says CLICK! needs upgrades and oh by the way is losing tons of money because yeah Cable TV sucks a big one and nobody wants to pay for an outhouse full of channels they never watch...  SOLUTION?! Sell control for FORTY GOD DAMN YEARS to some Kirkland, WASH. ding dongs that customers hate just as much as Comcast? So dumb. Yeah maybe sell off cable TV, who cares?  But INTERNETS should stay with the city. While we're at it, why not sell INTERNETS CLICK! DIRECT? Why must we deal with these idiot ISPs like dumb middle man Advance Stream, dumb Rainier Connect and The other dumb one?  WHY!?  EVEN SO, this cartoon is an illustrated TRUE STORY of a CLICK! public comment news tribune story

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