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Where does it Come From? A Tacomic Explain...
posted Sep 5, 2017
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September 5th 2017 A.D. Tacoma Social Media (TSM) searching for answers on the mysterious origins of the mysterious ash cloud snowing on everybody's car.  Future historians please examine the instagram feeds for this time period of Earth history. ASH on CAR is trending!  It's true. That I can tell you. But where does it come from?  That is another story.  Some ignorant people believe is is the Hydrogen Bomb test from North Korea.. but that is wrong.  Others believe it is a wild fire started by imbecile children throwing fireworks into the gulch. This is also wrong. No, the correct answer is Senator Pierce County Councilmember Pam Roach flaming out on all her written-communication staff memos only because she is too horrible to talk to in person as chronicled in OUR LAST TACOMIC!

Memos go in, ass ashes blow out... onto your car!  ha!  ha ha !  Zing!!

pam Roach vs Bruce Dammeier
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