Save Our Old City Hall

Imagine Tacoma More Practical Solution(s)
posted Mar 25, 2015
tacoma, tacomic, old city hall, stratford group, deadbeat landlords, demolition historic building, neglect
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Just as his predecessor Peter Callaghan would have written, baby metro columnist Matt Driscoll calls upon the mercy of our heavenly father to save OLD CITY HALL from the raging incompetence of her current deadbeat owner. The City has many more tools to preserve historic buildings these days so things aren't as screwed as they were for The Luzon building (may her destroyers burn for eternity in the great fire lake).  YOU can help Save Old City Hall by joining this fb group... or something.  Look even exit 133 made a post! However, only The Tacomic has taken the next bold step to IMAGINE a creative reuse for this historic heap. Excelsior!

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