ROBOCALL: A Tacomic Look at Tacoma Teacher Strike

Everybody Hates Those Weaselly TPS Robocalls
posted Sep 12, 2018
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FOLLOW the great Tacoma Teacher Strike of 2018 on the [Tacoma] News Tribune; also a great summary here from Citizen Tacoma podcast. But to bring you, the low information voter up to speed, the Washington state supreme court ruled that public schools were not being funded properly as mandated in the state constitution, thus and so, the Olympia lawmakers struggled for years and eventually came up with something (and there was much rejoicing) but somehow the new regulations screwed over the Tacoma Public School District and the best TPS could do is give themselves raises and the teachers a tiny raise and maybe healthcare cuts, and boy the Teachers did not like that and now school has been canceled for past 5 days due to Teacher Strike. Oh and Seattle, Sumner, Puyallup and all the other places that had the same problem are back to school except Tacoma because somehow we're different? Anyway this person knows better.


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