RETURNed To SENDER Tacomic Valentines Day Cards

Santorum in Tacoma, CrimeStoppers vs. WBC, Skeeter, JBLM Love & Gun Accessories
posted Feb 21, 2012
Tacomic, Valentines Day Cards, Santorum, Tacoma, CrimeStoppers vs. WBC, Skeeter, JBLM Love & Gun Accessories
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February is the universal month of suck. February is the month Hunter S. Thomson decided to commit suicide--did you know that? Something about Football Season is Over.  Well St. Valentines Day is over and I got these special Tacomic themed St. Valentines Day cards returned to me in the mail unopened.  Oh well, hat-tip to you Charlie Brown.   

Reading the cartoon from Right to left; top to bottom we cover a plethora of topics!  

1. Santorum frothing hearts and minds in the City of Destiny! Here is excellent Tacoma coverage in The Stranger. Thank the sky gods for Alternative Weekly Newspapers (so not a dig at The Volcano).

2. "Unnamed Kansas Cult" vs. CRIMESTOPPERS Cult! for above-the-fold headline space.  Send in your checks!

3.  Lakewood Police Officer, Failed Police Guild Treasurer Skeeter Manos. Donate to my Family of Skeeter Manos Trust Fund! $$$eriously. 

4. Joint Base Lewis-McChord MOST TROUBLED BASE IN THE MILITARY--this time making the headlines for Sex Toys and Assault Rifle Accessories.  You're in full TACOMIC Lockdown 

Tacomic Art Show 2.0

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