President Nightmare 2017 A.D.

We're all Screwed, Bigly
posted Jan 3, 2017
tacoma, tacomic, twilight zone, president trump, idiot, rupublicans
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Portrait of a frightened nation, headed into the darkest corner of the Twilight Zone. HELLO SEEKER! welcome to the year two thousand and seven teen, we're glad you made it! Now don't feel alone in the age of darkness because there is  a seeker born every minute!  I, your humble cartoon servant, Commander RR here with another boner of a Tacomic... trying to put into images that urgent sense of helplessness, this can't go on, it will go on. A preview of the next 4 years maybe?  We'll get there together.  Back next week with all new Tacomics about Tacoma. Promise!  Over and out.

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