Pierce County Celebrity Eclipse Glasses

#livelikethemountainisout #southsoundproud
posted Aug 22, 2017
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HARK: Hard to find Eclipse Glasses on sale now! Used only ONCE!  Buy NOW! INVEST! Without the proper eye protection YOU COULD DIE, OR WORSE! 
  1. AHOY alt-right keyboard warriors! PAM ROACH eclipse glasses are a must for anyone looking to see the eclipse from both sides. hashtag, MAGA
  2. OH NO, Mark Lindquist glasses are needed to find the eclipse of forgotten money bags missing from the Public Disclosure Commission forms... better get that fixed bruh!
  3. don't forget all the contributions candidate for mayor JIM MERRITT can take credit for with these wide scope eclipse glasses!
  4. SONICS GUY eclipse glasses, a must for any SUPER FAN
  5. NOW, these ANTI-LNG REDLINE TACOMA eclipse glasses are sure to provoke a discussion from People of Color (POC). Sure, you might not THINK they're racist... but come on man, optics!
  6. Everybody loves Tacoma Rocks.

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