A People's Scorecard of the Tacoma-Pierce County Chamber of Commerce

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posted Sep 11, 2012
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The big thinkers over at the Tacoma-Pierce County Chamber of Commerce have started doing these ridiculous new scorecards for ranking our elected officials in terms of their PRO-BUSINESS votes. So why not have a peoples scorecard of the chamber's pro-people political stances?  Behold! the Tacomic's first People's Scorecard of the Chamber of Commerce Scrooges!  
  • A1 - Chamber of Commerce pulls out all the stops in their support of horrible Clear Channel sky spam monopoly, earning a 10 on the 'we suck' scale... FAIL!
  • A2 - Chamber supports the secret bait-and-switch Walmart invasion at the site of the Treacherous Elks Lodge... FAIL
  • A3 - Chamber of Commerce supports transit by drowning in the bathtub... Fail.
  • B1 - Chamber of Commerce will stand up for freeloading mega-hospitals and their insane tax loophole tax breaks. Tax the job creators?  NEVER!  fail sauce.
  • B2 - If you are ever downtown on a sunny day you have the pleasure of breathing two-stroke leaf blower exhaust.  The Leaf blower operator has huge aircraft carrier flight deck ear protection but you don't.  Broom?  what is a Broom? Can you put gasoline in a broom?  Thanks BIA!
  • B3 - The only non-horrible and awesome thing the chamber of commerce has ever done, in my opinion as people's scorecard cartoonist, is lend support to the Tacoma Spaceworks Program.  Take a chance on an artist! It's better than nothing!

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Check out the new Tacoma-Pierce County Chamber of Commerce website!  Follow these screw-heads on Twitter!

by The Jinxmedic on 9/11/2012 @ 12:28pm
Spaceworks is an example of something that actually works. Hmmm...  now there's an idea...

by cisserosmiley on 9/11/2012 @ 12:41pm
People should NOT mistake the chamber for anything but a private membership club. It is NOT responsible to Tacoma citizens on any level. It is responsible to its members who pay a fee based on how big their biz is. Citizens of Tacoma might form a Tacoma Business Improvement Club and let the chamber of commerce atrophy into nothing...

by NineInchNachos on 9/11/2012 @ 1:20pm
Tacoma Business Improvement Auxiliary Club!

by chairkicker on 9/11/2012 @ 4:38pm
With membership fees starting at only $4.30/yr!

by NineInchNachos on 9/24/2012 @ 8:47pm
Received an inquiry from a representative of the Tacoma Pierce County Chamber of Commerce about purchasing the original, signed cartoon art.   ONLY $66.60 !    Heck of a deal!!!

Have your people call my people and let's make it happen!


by NineInchNachos on 9/28/2012 @ 7:48pm

by NineInchNachos on 10/9/2012 @ 9:09am
go chamber!


by fredo on 10/9/2012 @ 9:33am
No need to criticize the Chamber of Commerce

Just start your own Chamber.

Call it "The Chamber of I'm a loser so I want other people to give me stuff" 

by NineInchNachos on 10/9/2012 @ 9:36am
like how non-profit hospitals want to use roads and things but don't want to pay taxes?

by fredo on 10/9/2012 @ 9:39am

like how the Tacoma Free Library behind your house uses the alleyway but doesn't pay any taxes? 

by cisserosmiley on 10/9/2012 @ 9:43am
I'm starting a new Tacoma booster organization called Uptown Tacoma.  It will help the area from Prospect to Pearl & Center to n. 26th be a stronger neighborhood to work, live, eat & play in. 

by NineInchNachos on 10/12/2012 @ 7:27pm
Go chamber of commerce!  membership drive!!!!!

let's all join!

by cisserosmiley on 10/13/2012 @ 8:56am
This is hilarious because it's kinda how I got 1980 my mom was hired as the VP of membership & marketing at the Tacoma chamber so we moved here. She added wild numbers, but when it was time for a new director the old boys hired a man from Iowa. My parents left Tacoma by the 90's but I stayed as a 16yr old runaway living on the streets. The funniest part is my mom had an extremely successful career with AWB, Retail Assoc. & now CEO of another pro business group I won't mention, but the Tacoma chamber is still in the spinning mess it always was...

by NineInchNachos on 10/13/2012 @ 9:15am
"were trying to get new members, but we're not reducing membership cost in any way whatsoever"

so funny

by Chris.Tacoma on 10/14/2012 @ 1:58pm
I could be tempted on joining if the Chamber didn't suck and vote against things that are in the interest of small business and the city overall.  With this kind of a track record, I don't think the Chamber should be wasting its energy on such a drive.  They should instead be focusing on doing something constructive.

by fredo on 10/14/2012 @ 2:15pm

Trying to maintain affordable tax rates is something constructive.

by Jesse on 10/14/2012 @ 2:50pm
Name one new business the Chamber of Commerce is DIRECTLY responsible for recruiting to Tacoma.  I'd be curious to know... Serious question.

I've been to many chamber functions and the chamber always struck me as a bunch of back slapping "good ol' boy" businessmen with non-profit executives sucking up to them.

by NineInchNachos on 10/14/2012 @ 4:05pm
in my opinion the chamber should forget about everything they're currently doing and focus entirely on Spaceworks creative endeavor program.  

by Chris.Tacoma on 10/14/2012 @ 10:29pm
How about doing some ECONOMIC ANALYSIS of some kind - any kind?  What markets are left unfulfilled in Tacoma that are ripe for the taking?  What needs development in each of the business districts?
Why not organize a crowd-funded investment consortium to save of Old City Hall?  (THIS IS A GOOD IDEA WHETHER OR NOT THE CHAMBER DOES IT.)
Why not identify what the largest household expenses are in Tacoma to see what policies might grow discretionary income to be spent in shops and restaurants?
I could think of a good many things that the Chamber could be doing otherwise.

by cisserosmiley on 10/26/2012 @ 6:55am
It only took Tacoma chamber director Tom Pierson 18 months to send Tacoma's largest employer to Federal Way...where Tom Pierson was the head of the Federal Way chamber for the previous 8 years...fishy.  

by KevinFreitas on 10/26/2012 @ 7:02am
Here's a link re: DaVita moving 1/3 of its operations to F[U]-Way: Can they take their stinkin' parking lot(s) with them?

by NineInchNachos on 10/26/2012 @ 7:05am
it's because of the parking meters!!!  garble garble garble!

by NineInchNachos on 11/27/2012 @ 8:21am
wherever corporate welfare is threatened... The Chamber will be there

by NineInchNachos on 1/12/2013 @ 10:23am