OPIOID MANUFACTURERS: WA/Seattle/Tacoma?/Everett is Coming For Your Ass

If this this works, Bob Ferguson Should Do GUNS next!
posted Oct 4, 2017
tacoma, tacomic, bob ferguson, wa state attorney general, opioids, opioid crisis, lawsuit
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Dear Tacoma Lawmakers, a judge has ruled that the City of Everett can sue the pants off of OPIOID MANUFACTURERS if it wants too.  Seattle, and NOW Washington's Attorney General Bob Ferguson has jumped on board too!  Even News Tribune Columnist Matt Driscoll thinks this is a good idea!  So let's do the super thing, It's time for BATTLE STATIONS against the criminal enterprise of Opioid Manufacturing. Yes we can.  HEY, if we end up getting some money from these clowns, why not set our gun sights on gun factories next? Fired UP! 

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