No Incumbents, No Recent Losers, No one Campaigning via Facebook

The Opinions of Peter Callaghan
posted Nov 24, 2009
THE TACOMIC - No Incumbents, No Recent Losers, No one Campaigning via Facebook (tacoma, tacomic, city council, facebook, appointments, Ladenburg)
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Pre-Cartoon required reading..

PART 1: No Incumbents. Many people are counting down the days till Ladenburg and Talbert are removed from their council seats. When I read this ridiculous letter I fought the urge to projectile vomit and instead got really depressed. 

PART 2: No Recent Losers. How about just appointing the folks who ran for city council and lost? The awkward question is avoided completely in part 2 of my cartoon here. See how Mike Lonergan is passing the torch of frump to his son Joe Lonergan? The stodgy-nasal bloodline will not be broken. What a boon to the political cartoon cottage industry of Tacoma!
I mean after the entire current council voted to endorse Strickland for Mayor, don't you think that would be kinda weird for Mr. Merritt?

Jim Merritt Strickland for Mayor

PART 3: No One Campaigning via Facebook. Most of the political elite got a huge chuckle anytime some 'unqualified' person floated the idea they would like to be appointed to the council. Thus a facebook page for a cat was created. He's on facebook I guess that makes him QUALIFIED! Ho ho ho!

Even so, if you're a dandy like Mr. Callaghan and you think his rules are something worth paying attention to, that leaves TWO people in all of Tacoma left to be appointed to the City Council: THE NEW TAKHOMAN or DANIEL BLUE*.

*Some funny guy once commented that Daniel Blue is Tacoma's Sarah Palin.

by NineInchNachos on 11/24/2009 @ 1:14pm
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