New TACOMA METHOD for Irony and Profit

Chinese Reconciliation Park in the Shadow of the Northwest Detention Center
posted Jul 6, 2010
Chinese Reconciliation Park, Northwest Detention Center, GEO group, Port Politics
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According to this TNT article the total cost of the Chinese Reconciliation Project in 2008 dollars is 12 Million with a 7 Million dollar budget gap (or pothole). And if you read the teabagger comments on that thread, 12 or 7 Million dollars could fix a lot of potholes... but imagine, instead of building a park to educate the descendants of ignorant white people, we spent that time/money/energy mentoring a child? Right? Wrong. The Tacoma Method is alive and well. Heck, you might be able to actually see the modern incarnation of the New Tacoma Method whilst standing under the reconciled Chinese pagoda even! Turns out, you can make a hefty profit off of the expulsion of immigrant laborers. Would it be funny if the same City Council folks who gave the thumbs up to the Chinese Reconciliation Park also gave the double thumbs up to the existence/expansion of the Northwest Detention Center?  Yeah, and maybe i'm a Chinese jet pilot. 

Journey to Reconciliation - Tacoma, WA: Chinese Expulsion of 1885 3 by George Lim


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