MOVE TO TACOMA, And So Should You!

vs. Proctor Isn't The Same As It Was In 1970's !
posted Apr 18, 2017
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***OFFICIAL TACOMIC ENDORSEMENT OF Marguerite Giguere Tacoma's NO.1 recommended REALTOR A+++ previously known as The Skydiving Agent ***  

GREETINGS!  And welcome to another TACOMIC TUESDAY!  Today we track local podcast Move to Tacoma through space and time as she appears in The News Tribune and special call-out in the Tacoma Daily Index .  Turns out all the creatives being priced out of Seattle are now Moving to Tacoma to disrupt the stagnant creative pools of Tacoma. Why else would they build a fancy new Artists and Craftsman supply here? OH YES!  Full disclosure this cartoonist  was once featured on the Move to Tacoma podcast

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