MEANWHILE: Jim Merritt's Primary Victory Party

YOU Have a Seat At The Table, Forever...
posted Jul 31, 2017
tacoma, tacomic primary, election 2017, Jim Merritt for Mayor, ghosts
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Tonight THE TACOMICâ„¢ Chronicles the creative use of Jim Merritt's campaign mailers with posthumously assigned endorsements from beyond the grave IN ADDITION TO make-believe 5 year Sound Transit SEATAC TO TACOMA LIGHTRAIL PLANS!  Make No Little Realistic or Possible Plans CONSIDER this a cartoon handbook for the recently deceased. Imagine the preemptive primary victory parties happening maybe right now... all the ghouls will be there for a seat at  Jim "The Necromancer" Merritt's  party.. Jim the Man Jensen supporters are being handed personal invites too.  They did the MASH... The Monster Mash!

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