Mark Lindquist Consoled by TNT Commenter Allies

Political Office fuled by Politics Shocker!
posted Jan 27, 2016
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A humor cartoon depicting the ML sock puppet army, once made possible by posting anonymously on the The News Tribune articles before they went all face-booky.  Now you can't be anonymous but you know exactly who is posting all the vile and racist comments under TNT news articles AND even see a picture of their dumb face! Does the TNT still do the reader paywall?  Anyhow, If I was Mark Lindquist, I probably wouldn't want to retire when there are so many child-rapists and mother-murdering scumbags walking the streets of Pierce County... but why not?  Quit your job! Write books and hang out in coffee shops while your super hot and wicked smart lady wife can bring home enough $$$ to keep comfortable! Heck, i'd do it!  Slack saves!

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