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Come Space Walk With Me
posted Oct 21, 2009
THE TACOMIC - LEARN 2 DRAW in 3D! No. X of 24 (Learn 2 Draw, Tacoma, Space, Kalakala, bazooka)
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or SAY HELLO TO MY LITTLE FRIEND: Davy Crockett Nuclear Bazooka (space version).

An excerpt from Page 154 of my favorite book The Worlds Worst Weapons: From Exploding Guns to Malfunctioning Missiles.

The W-54 'Davy Crockett' was a man-portable 'nuclear bazooka' capable of delivering a small nuclear warhead. It could be mounted on a light vehicle or fired by infantry from a tripod. The name 'Davy Crockett' suggests that this was a weapon of desperation to be used in a last-stand situation.

The Davy Crockett was successfully trialled in 1962 and about 400 were in service during the next decade. With a lethal radiation radius of about 350 meters and a minimum range of about 400 meters the W-54 could pose something of a hazard to its users, and there is something just not quite right about infantry-launched nuclear weapons."

It is my cartooning policy to only draw the worst weapons.

by L.S.Erhardt on 10/21/2009 @ 10:47pm
No pressure suits?

Are you MAD?

by The Jinxmedic on 10/22/2009 @ 3:55pm
All you actually need to be protected from vacuum is just a really tight fitting 4-way stretch body suit with encased silicone expansion pockets to fill in those "void" areas such as armpits, back of knees, and um, crotch. Much simpler than a complicated pressure suit, the body suit concept was proven on human "volunteers" in altitude chambers back in the 1950's. (Thermal protection, that's another story.)

The Jinxmedic
(next chamber flight due in 2011)