a Tacomic Look at Conservative Spiritual Puyallup Hellscape
posted Jul 30, 2019
tacomic, tacoma, puyallup, washington, seattle is dying, puyallup is dying, matt driscoll, homeless epidemic, houseless, drug addiction, mental health
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THANK YOU FOR TUNING IN TONIGHT VIEWERS FOR OUR NEXT INSTALLMENT OF "PUYALLUP IS DYING" because it is! Why? Because the soul of human compassion is DEAD! BURIED! COMPOSTED INTO FART SMELLS!  AS is it written in the pages of the Tacoma News Tribune... the new stage of the apocalypse  Puyallup Police as One-way Uber for Homeless people by Matt Driscoll  the story even made it to the Seattle Times (aka The News Tribune Is Dying Escape Newspaper)!   Seriously Puyallup Washington sucks so hard gangs of anti-homeless vigilantes are arming themselves and terrorizing the already miserable downtrodden.  It's like, hey, why not close down even more homeless shelters ya monsters?   Can you believe these people?

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