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posted Sep 20, 2017
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Where am I? What is happening? If you're like me and seeking answers to these questions, you too might be Interested in learning about our Tacoma City Council form of government!  Let KENNY COBLE, Citizen Journalist be your shepherd through the difficult orientation process, He's got the wit and charm! Yes, He makes city council meetings fun on the twitters. FOLLOW ALONG AT HOME LIVE TWEETING EVERY TUESDAY HASHTAG #TACCOUNCIL  Yes, more and more mainstream reporters are also covering the meetings with this hashtag too, it's fun to see them all together mixing in a live-tweeting soup.  ACE [Tacoma] News Tribune Reporter Candice Ruud is there too doing the heavy lifting and dropping of the 'link to full story' and if you're watching the feed you may well see Teacher of the Year Nate Bowling pop up too.  Wow, if you think that is cool, you should also check out the Adult Civics Happy Hour   hashtag #ACHH253 sponsored by right? OKAY!  You can meet Kenny Coble in real life at Kings Books! 

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