John Ladenburg Sr: Leave David Sawyer Alone!

Time is UP
posted Apr 10, 2018
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asking David Sawyer to resign letter
Letter signed by nearly 20 current and former elected calling for Sawyers resignation (pictured above). 

Hello Seeker!  Things are moving fast since our last Washington State Rep David Sawyer #MeToo / #TimesUp Tacomic! The grabby-hand bear-hug president of Bates Technical College has been fired for his gross and unprofessional sexual behavior in the workplace, leaving just David Sawyer still in a position of power spite all the calls from metro columnist Matt Driscoll for Sawyer to step down. Yes, he has his very vocal defenders, one being his day-job employer and democratic party war horse John Ladenburg Sr! John Ladenburg, this is your life!

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