Joe and Marty's Eco-Road-Trip

How to Draw a Tacoma Film Festival Poster Without Really Trying
posted Jun 22, 2010
urban forestry, electric vehicles, golf cart, marty campbell, joe lonergan, tacoma city council
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The premise of this cartoon came from a request by my friend and colleague Mr. Tim Smith after bearing witness to Joe Lonergan's request for information on the differences between "Street Trees's and Right of Way Trees."   

My friend Mr. Smith speculates on creative interpretation of STREET TREES. In his words:  "I think some fine art could be made of Tacoma's Street Trees Do they wear fishnet nylons and heavy make-up and advertise on craigslist? Are Hilltop black walnut trees getting a bad rap? Do North End trees always act uppity?"

Soon after, branching from the same Tacoma City Council study session, I get another tip from a fan at The [Tacoma] News Tribune about Council-Person Marty Campbell's intriguing enthusiasm for golf-cart technology (a tie-in with EV Charging stations goes here). Yet, the cartooning challenge was not enough still!  How about packaging up this cartoon as a last-minute entry into the Tacoma Film Festival's poster contest? Now you're cooking with rocket sauce!  

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