Jim Merritt vs. Victoria Woodards for Mayor of Tacoma

"How The One Half Sees The Other"
posted Oct 20, 2017
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**following is a re-post from a highly credentialed social media citizen journalist fake news site viz 'facebook'**

FACT: in her 20 years of public service Victoria Woodards has not once responded to any cartoon I've ever drawn and taped to all the windshields of every city council member OR in print before i was laid off from Weekly Volcano for not following the office dress code.

FACT: Yes, in my 20 years of professional cartoon drawing i've had very little reason to ever draw Victoria Woodards. She just plugs away at her job and doesn't really do anything strange or weird like ever.

FACT: Credentials? Why yes, I have several honorary cartooning political doctorates from the University of ... um.. The University of the United States. We are a very small university.

FACT: the Tacomic Home Companion is endorsed by several community activists and organizers who are sadly long dead. They still are here with me. [holds up mason jar, sounds of other mason jars rolling under table]

FACT: I never lie, believe me. Also, I never said that either. You're lying now thinking about that contradiction which if true is also a vicious lie.

FACT: I'm voting for Victoria Woodards because she knows what the flip jingles she it doing on day 1. Turn key mayor and which continues the tradition of female person of color mayor established by Mayor Strickland--who got to meet President Obama, remember?

FACT: I know in the past Mayor Woodards may have taken money from Geo Group, LNG people, Pirates, and other terrible people, some i'm sure are good people. So what? Take the money and run!

FACT: The education degrees listed/removed from voter statements is such a non-issue and instead a reflection of your own racism? "show me your birth certificate!"

FACT: Pro Charter Schools? No opinion. Probably bad? Hey, did you know the mayor is just one seat on the city council?

FACT: Jim Merritt lost to Mayor Strickland and he will be great losing to Mayor Woodards. Maybe he can lose to Mayor Mello someday too. I'm sure the creepy dudes haunting his campaign staff will be lurking around still too.

Jim Jr
The Two Jims

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