How Things Work at the TACOMA WEEKLY

as reported in THE STRANGER...
posted Nov 28, 2018
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FACE FORWARD TRUE BELIEVERS! This was a very painful THE TACOMICâ„¢ to draw, but needed as our comrades up at THE STRANGER (nice work Lester Black) have some very interesting revelations about our friendly neighborhood free weekly paper THE TACOMA WEEKLY! Including but not limited to 20 YEAR HISTORY OF WAGE THEFT AND BAD CHECKS reported here [link] and starting with this article here [link]! HOLY SMOKES! 

rebuttal statement by The TACOMA WEEKLY linked here and here in the doobily doo.

After these articles were published, some strange TACOMA WEEKLY related things popped up on my bookface feeds, maybe just the holistic interconnectedness of things perhaps, or maybe part of a larger conspiracy?  MYSTERY OF THE DUMPED PAPERS... CASE OF THE NEVER ENDING LAWSUITS..  YOU BE THE JUDGE, IDLE READER!

Mark Lindquist Bad Checks PSA

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