History Repeating: "Urban Renewal"

Old Gray Barlow, Prium Pyramid Scheme, and So Long Eric Anderson
posted Jul 19, 2011
Tacoma Outreach Center, Old Gray Barlow, Prium, Tacomic, Eric Anderson Fired
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Exhibit A, preserved here on the interweb for an eternity; a chronicle of current events, but perhaps we've seen these stories play out before?  Maybe no. This stream of consciousness begins with an email from comrade Tim Smith, Tacoma Outreach Center Overseer who writes: 
"I beseech ye to produce a graphic illustration of the current struggle to stop the demolition of the Old Barlow Gray Middles School complex by the [comment redacted]. I can envision a visual of the building with the spaces/windows filled with wild animals - raccoons, Beavers ( a must...we have beavers down water from the site) and many many salmon (which just this year returned to the watershed to the south and west of the site. Pelican and cranes, eagles, and crows must be perched on the roof. Down below,, tiananmen squarish, is me, before a column of bulldozers and trucks, and cranes waiting to tear down the building.
I tried to do this creative vision justice. I even upgraded the bulldozers to the super-sinister IDF armored D9 Caterpillar famous for crushing an Olympia peace activist to death over on the Gaza Strip. 

BUT THEN the newspaper/twitter/facebook had to explode with news of the (alleged) crooked bastards driving PRIUM development corporation into pyramid scheme meltdown. Couldn't we see this coming?  At least we got two nice condo/apartment towers out of them before they died.

  PRIUM: jay heights (and depths)

BUT NOT AFTER FIRST newspaper/twitter/facebook exploding with the news that our fearless City Manager Eric Anderson had been sacked by the city council. Here is some good council member commentary at this historic event... note the Joe Lonergan and David Boe exchange.  The GOOD NEWS is that with Eric Anderson out of the picture, it might be easier to preserve historic buildings!  I don't know, maybe!?  

Stay tuned for follow up posts on: Clear Channel Protest, Eric Anderson Memorial Parking Lot Ribbon Cutting, and MORE! 

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