"Hands Are Tied" Says One of Few Mayors with Untied Hands

Creative Shut Down NWDC Strategies Needed
posted Jul 17, 2018
tacoma, tacomic, protest, victoria woodards, mayor woodards, NWDC, northwest detention center, ICE, crisis, baby jail
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In a surprise move the City of Tacoma has listened to the outcry of her peoples and moved to erect a fence and clear out 'structures' of camping protesters putting in the time and effort to bring attention to a for-profit prison taking advantage of an unending supply of undocumented laborers who toil on behalf of a global corporation for just $1 a day!  CHECK OUT the newest News Tribune column from Matt Driscol with the scooplets !  Even Washington State teacher of the year is pushing on Mayor Victoria Woodards to do more with her bully pulpit which she insists on outsourcing to the take-no-risks city manager to tell her what she can and cant do about the crimes against humanity on her door step.

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