Goddess of 9th and Commerce

Rejected Statue Designs PART 1
posted Nov 17, 2009
THE TACOMIC - Goddess of 9th and Commerce (tacoma, goddess, commerce, statue, rejection, failure)
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They don't like figurative art.

That was my initial thought when a cabal of city bureaucrats rejected my design for a reality-based, GODDESS OF COMMERCE replacement statue. As an artist I was insanely jealous to see my competitor move forward with her GODDESS OF COMMERCE design. Imagine my relief when I learned that her statue was ultimately rejected by the same city bureaucrats. Unfortunately, the gap between my tremendous quantity of statue rejection letters and her single statue rejection letter is so vast you'd need a third narrows bridge to cross that statue rejection letter gap.

My modern interpretation of the goddess stands with a 16 foot equator.   In one hand she lights up a cigarette while the other hand holds a cellular phone and a home pregnancy test.

Flowing from the uni-pocket of her seahawks hoodie are lotto tickets--a symbol of hope.

 At her hip is a baby stroller with sleeping child. In the stroller's cup holder is a giant cup of high fructose corn syrup.

It is unclear the relationship she has with the young man being placed in the back of one of the two Tacoma police interceptors near the backs of her flip-flops.

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